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Interview: 30 Minutes With Lorde [Fader]
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It’s weird and cool that an 18-year-old is qualified to oversee the soundtrack to a very soon-to-be billion-dollar-grossing franchise, and that she can do that job so much better than most. The quality of the Lorde’s handpicked Hunger Games album is a testament to her artistry—Miguel collaborating with the Chemical Brothers is not something many people probably wanted, but it’s a thing many people will enjoy; “Yellow Flicker Beat” is good both ways. Watching her get Kanye remixing, make South Park thirsty, and put Diplo in the doghouse lately says mounds about the New Zealander’s ascendance as a cultural gatekeeper for #teens. At different points in the following interview, conducted over the phone from Hong Kong, she says “hashtag-blessed” and cringes at her own use of the word “organic.” Raw transcript, no filter.

Wait, you’re in Hong Kong right now?
I’m just kind of stopping over. It’s beautiful here, and I’m into it because the only other Asian city I’ve been to is Tokyo. But I’m going to New Zealand, and I came from London, and the jet lag is going to be really real. I’m in a bad zone with times now. I sew Christmas decorations until 3AM then I take a melatonin and go to sleep.

I feel like you probably have a lot of vitamins in your life.
You’re wrong, and I feel sad saying that you’re wrong because I should have so many vitamins, but they just rattle around in my suitcase and split open, and I get annoyed dusting vitamin C off my clothes.

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Mockingjay Official Crew Interview
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Lionsgate has released the press kit for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 today and a brand new interview with the official soundtrack curator, Lorde, has been included. Check it out below!

Lorde covers ELLE’S October issue.
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Lorde will be gracing the cover of the October issue of Elle Magazine!  For this month’s cover story and Lorde’s first major fashion magazine cover, she sat with Jessica Pressler for a brand new interview.  The magazine will also feature a new photoshoot by photographer Thomas Whiteside.  Check them out below!

With her haunting voice and beyond-her-17-years wisdom, Lorde is one of the biggest pop stars in the world. She has been since last year, when her song “Royals”—written at age 15 in her native New Zealand—became a kind of post-financial-crisis anthem, earning her numerous accolades, including two Grammys. And now she covers ELLE’s October Personal Style Issue, marking her first major fashion magazine cover. Photographer Thomas Whiteside took over an East London rooftop to capture the ultratalented teenager’s distinctive style.

So who is the real Lorde (Ella Yelich-O’Connor)? For this month’s cover story, writer Jessica Pressler met up with her on the road to find out what it’s actually like to be a preternaturally talented and keenly self-aware 17-year-old with the entire world watching.

The full interview and fashion feature can be found exclusively in ELLE’s October issue, available digitally and on newsstands in select cities starting September 16, and nationwide on September 23.

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Interview: Lorde at The Edge TV NZ
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Guy, Sharyn and Clint from The Edge TV interviewed Lorde today to discuss her upcoming New Zealand tour, new music, Taylor Swift’s new album, the Grammys, and much more. Click here to watch the interview on The Edge’s website.  She also was interviewed by Jay-Jay, Dom and Mike. Here’s the interview.

Interview: VH1 at Lollapalooza
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Interview: Osheaga 2014 with Virgin Radio 96
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We visited Lorde in Artist World at Osheaga to chat about her quick rise to fame, going through teenage years with her fans, her work on the Hunger Games: Mocking Jay part 1 soundtrack. She tells us which artist she would like to go to dinner with and which one tweeted her.

Lollapalooza Day One – Grant Park, Chicago [Megapost]
  Posted by Posted on Aug,02 2014 Filed under Appearances, Interviews, Performances  

Lorde performed today at Lollapalooza Day 1 in Grant Park, Chicago.  I’ll be adding pictures, interviews and performances to this post.


Lorde is in shadow-bozing mode. When those clipped hip-hop beats and noise bursts bubble up, she gets fiesty. Even as a teen, she already looks and sounds like a seasoned performer. On a stark stage with a black-and-white motif, she tosses mounds of hair and flings fists like she still has something to prove, even though she already has a handful of Grammys and a multimillion-selling 2013 debut album. She has “Royals” too, and she doesn’t even have to save the hit for last. The crowd — roughly the size of her native New Zealand, a vast sea that fills Butler Field — treats her like a headliner, and it’s unlikely that any performer this weekend will surpass her combo of audience adulation and ability to deliver on a big stage. The songs off her debut pack minimalist punch, and her voice carries melodies that invite participation from her vocal followers. This should have been expected after a theater tour earlier this year brought her to the sold-out Aragon, but it’s still impressive to see her poise and command. “I’m at a loss for words,” she says. But she isn’t at a loss for much else.

From blockbuster worldwide sales to a prestigious Grammy, alternative electropop artist Lorde (birth name Ella Yelich-O’Connor) has already achieved phenomenal success within the past year, particularly for a 17-year-old girl from New Zealand. Yet standing in front of a seemingly endless stretch of thousands, Lorde said she was at a loss for words. There were more people there than from her high school, from her hometown; more people there than on a busy day at the New Zealand airport.

The expression was earnest and appreciative; she’s either refreshingly spared herself from the cynical, sometimes soul-sucking nature of the pop music machine, or she’s already faking her emotions exceptionally well. Either way, wearing decidedly unfashionable all-black overalls and dancing with full body twitches, fanciful arm stretches and air drum solos, Lorde looked as if she were still dancing in her New Zealand bedroom, not a care in the world. And it was that purity, combined with the simultaneously moody and cathartic, unique and accessible electropop gems like “Tennis Court” and “Glory and Gore,” that made her a standout star on Lolla’s first day.

Lorde also presented a rhythm-heavy set, backed by only a drummer and keyboardist. This was only her second appearance in Chicago — The New Zealand native headlined the Aragon earlier this year — and she held the stage with quiet power. The crowd was larger, she noted, than “my whole town and my whole high school,” as looked over the crowd in awe. “I’m so grateful.” Despite holding the mammoth stage down on her own, Lorde presented large-scale visuals with her body: Arching forward, a mane of hair hanging down, with violent jerks of her arms hitting every clipped beat present from her multimillion-selling debut album from last year.

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Interview: London Evening Standard
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I’m not sure why people make such a fuss about the fact that Lorde is 17. It is true that ‘Royals’, the anti-anthem that won a number one in America and over here, a couple of Grammys and the blessing of David Bowie, is beautifully accomplished for a teenager. However, everyone who meets Ella Yelich-O’Connor — the New Zealand singer’s birth name — seems more surprised by the fact that she can hold an intelligent conversation. How unlike other teenagers she is, they remark; in fact, she simply must be an adult in disguise, because aren’t all young women supposed to be plagued with apathy and insecurity and dreams of being like Miley Cyrus?

1.jpg 2.jpg3.jpg 4.jpg 1.jpg

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Interview: Coup de Main Magazine
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It occurred to me this morning that we, Coup De Main, were one of the very first connecting dots between LORDE and M·A·C cosmetics. On February 14th, 2013 – yes, she was our one and only Valentine – we were lucky enough to be granted time for Lorde’s very first official media-shoot, thus requiring us to call up M·A·C and organise a makeup artist for our photoshoot. (Thanks Chay Roberts!)  Fast-forward 495 days later, it is Coup De Main’s second official opportunity to sit down with Lorde, and this time it’s to discuss her spellbinding M·A·C x LORDE collaboration, which includes her signature ‘Pure Heroine‘ lipstick and RapidBlack penultimate eye-liner…

COUP DE MAIN: What is your earliest memory involving make-up?
LORDE – ELLA YELICH-O’CONNOR: Trying to apply liquid eyeliner from the $2 shop – because I bought $2 shop makeup since I was ten or eleven – and thinking it needed to go inside my eye, and just burning and almost blinding myself. I lived to tell the tale, so I’m okay!

CDM: What’s the best song from your ‘Pure Heroine’ album for your fans to vibe out to, as they’re putting their face on?
LORDE: <laughs> As in like, getting ready for a party-type-vibing out? You’d probably need something with a beat, so ‘Ribs’ is probably good – it’s keeping you regular, symmetrical. I feel like the beat lends itself to that.

CDM: Your fans strongly associate your deep plum lipstick shade with the identity of ‘Lorde’ and have taken to wearing the colour themselves. Have you always gravitated to the colour as Ella, or has it been part of the evolution of Lorde?
LORDE: It’s pretty much been what I’ve worn for most of my… I don’t want to say most of my life, but most of my life as a proper human. I’ve been wearing it for probably five years now, it’s been my thing.

1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg


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Lorde on The One Show [Interview + Performance]
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Lorde was on The One Show with Alex and Matt earlier today. She talked about her fascination with aristocracy, Bruce Springsteen and more. She also performed her hit single “Team”. Here is the interview and performance.


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The Lorde Club is an un-official and non-profit fansite dedicated to Ella Yelich-O'Connor, also known as Lorde. We are not related to Ella, her manager, family & friends. This is a fansite run by fans for fans. No copyright infringement is intented. Any material seen on this website and is used, to the best of our knowledge, under the "Fair Use" copyright laws. If anything here belongs to you, please contact us before taking any legal actions. Our site is proudly hosted by Flaunt Network. All copyright goes to their respective owners unless it is stated. Thank you for visiting.